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Case Study 02

CASE STADY 02/Replacement of wooden boxes with corrugated cardboard boxes

"We would like to reduce transportation costs by replacing the current wooden boxes used for carrying and storing parts with lighter and affordable boxes. Use of corrugated cardboard boxes is an option, but can you make boxes as strong as the current wooden boxes out of corrugated cardboard?"

We started designing and verifying after understanding the form and weight of the carrying parts.
 Focus Point 1 
The solid double-wall corrugated cardboard boxes, one of the strongest of the kind, were employed to maintain the strength equivalent to wooden boxes. However, V-shaped grooves (45 degree diagonal grooves) needed to be cut on the double-wall corrugated cardboard in the course of manufacturing.
 Focus Point 2 
We decided to introduce dedicated equipment with a view to in-house mass production. Designing of the boxes and development of dedicated equipment were conducted in parallel. In January 2011, the dedicated machine was finally introduced.
 Focus Point 3 
Considering the conditions of the usage, the inside of the boxes was lined with non-woven fabric that had a buffer and oil absorbing functions. The internal materials can be replaced so that the boxes stay clean and can be used for a long time.

The use of the corrugated cardboard boxes was determined based on discussions with the client and verification of the prototype. We are increasing box variations for different types of contents and enhancing after-sales services by closely looking at how our products are being used. At the same time, we are working toward the proposal of the next products.

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