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Case Study 01

CASE STADY 01/Development of a packaging box for the export of aircraft engine parts

"Can you develop a one-way packaging box for the export of aircraft engine parts through concurrent engineering?"

We started pre-designing based on the estimated dimensions of the completed part to be exported.
 Focus Point 1 
It was a concurrent engineering project. The final dimensions were not fixed. The designing was initiated based on the following conditions: The outer dimensions are the maximum expected dimensions; the points where interference with parts are expected shall be adjusted later using the actual parts.
 Focus Point 2 
The boxes were designed to ensure the product weight of 100 kg, multi-layers stacking, and sea freight. The strength was verified in advance with vibration tests, compression tests, and drop tests.
 Focus Point 3 
The parts are packed and shipped immediately after completion. Therefore, the boxes were designed so that the body frame can be divided, to minimize the handling distance of the parts.

The designing of the export box was finalized after the adjustment with the actual completed parts. We confirmed no damage in the initial lot in the export destination. In the final specifications, we ensured strength while reducing costs by employing a double flute with reinforced cores for upper and lower trays and double-wall reinforced corrugated cardboard for the body frame. The customer determined the mass production of this product. We are working toward the stable and smooth supply of the boxes in accordance with the customer's shipment schedule.

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